Invest in physical gold at the fairest price every time.

The transparency of the Goldex marketplace saves you money on every trade and our secure vaulting guarantees the safety of your fully allocated gold.The transparency of the Goldex marketplace saves you money on every trade and our secure vaulting guarantees the safety of your fully allocated gold.
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Why you should trust us.

48% of prospective first-time gold buyers cited lack of trust as a barrier to purchase. At Goldex, we’re changing that by providing the first unique marketplace that guarantees the highest purity gold at the best possible prices. Investors can rest assured that all gold bought through our app is fully insured, securely stored and 999.5 investment-grade.

The first marketplace for gold investments.

Goldex connects you to the world's gold suppliers to discover the best prices.
  • Find the best prices instantly
    Our sophisticated trading algo finds you the best execution prices, from a 24/7 global marketplace. So wherever and whenever you choose to buy gold, Goldex will save you money, every time.
  • Your gold is in safe hands
    You own your gold. 100%. It’s fully insured and held in trust, legally safe from creditors. Whatever the global situation or our corporate status, the security of your gold is absolutely guaranteed.
  • Know more, trade smarter
    You don’t need to be an expert to invest in gold. Our price charts, breaking news and trade recommendations make gold trading simple, clear and intuitive. Choose a milligram or a tonne; there’s no minimum investment.
  • Stay in control, 24/7
    Never miss another opportunity. Monitor prices in every market, set up price alerts and limit orders, and know how much you can trade and where – so you’re in charge at all times.
  • A fairer market for everyone
    Physical gold is unregulated and subject to unfair practices. We’ve created a marketplace where prices compete in a level playing field. We’re impartial and 100% focussed on finding you the best deal, bringing the gold market in check.

Gold stands the test of time, again and again.

Physical gold is the ultimate storage of wealth. It’s immune to inflation, financial and banking risks. It shines in uncertain times, and is one of the safest, smartest ways to invest and build your wealth over time.

Centuries of consistency
Gold has consistently provided long-term protection for people’s savings all over the world. Historically it holds its value through financial crises and political upheaval. And unlike digital assets, it can’t be erased or hacked.
Exploding demand
Global investment demand for gold has grown an average of 18% per year since 2000. There’s something smart investors know; it’s time.
Permanently scarce
Gold can’t be printed at will and its prices are not dictated by governments or central banks. Its value is universally accepted and will always have practical industrial uses.
Flexibility and ease
We make gold investments flexible and simple to use: physical gold is stored in secure international vaults and can be easily converted to cash whenever you want.
Deep liquidity
The amount of ‘over-the-counter’ trading for physical gold and gold-backed products is now over US$200 billion a day. That’s a lot of gold.
Making headlines
As the world is becoming more turbulent, both economically and politically, the interest in gold has gone through the roof. As the original precious metal and store of wealth, gold is making a comeback.

Why Goldex?

We’re reinventing gold ownership. Whether you’re an expert investor or just starting out, we give you easy access to a global gold marketplace and find the best prices for you, every time. Goldex gives you more.
  • Get the best price - every time
    Our state-of-the-art trading tech finds you the best available deals from the world’s first gold marketplace. We look out for your hard earned cash. So, whether you’re buying a milligram or a tonne, you’re getting more gold for your money. Smart savings, every single time.
  • Complete peace of mind
    All the gold you buy through Goldex is responsibly sourced and approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). And you own it, 100%. We only offer the highest purity, 999.5 investment-grade gold. We also have the highest encryption standards and cybersecurity technology.
  • An innovative, intuitive app
    While Goldex runs on highly sophisticated tech, the app itself is easy to use. Access the marketplace 24/7. Goldex is like having your own personal, virtual gold exchange. Your gold is fully insured and held in trust, legally safe from creditors.
  • Totally fair, totally transparent
    We make investing clear and simple. Check market prices in real-time and how much gold you can buy or sell, even before you trade. We show you every aspect of your order including execution price and commission, so you know exactly what you get. That’s our fair way of doing things.
  • Know more, invest smarter
    The market is oversaturated with information, making it tricky to come to conclusions. We’re cutting through the noise to deliver you sharp insight and expert, actionable trade recommendations. Stay on top of market trends and use our price charts – it’s all at your fingertips.
  • A better way to own gold
    In the past, gold dealers offered poor trading platforms and suspicious charges. Our app changes that. And because we’re a tech company and not a gold provider, we’re totally unbiased and will never inflate prices. We’re only interested in treating you fairly, giving you the best investing experience and helping you stay informed at all times.

Goldex is the first gold retail platform in the world to embrace the World Gold Council’s 7 Retail Gold Investment Principles.

The 7 Retail Gold Investment Principles are designed to raise the bar and encourage best practices amongst gold providers across the market with the sole aim to increase retail investors’ trust in the gold industry.
1. Fairness and integrity
A provider must treat customers fairly and act with integrity, from information and service provision through to transaction completion.
2. Transparency
A provider must be transparent about prices and key terms and disclose other material information related to product features.
3. Protection of client assets
A provider must ensure adequate protection of customers’ gold holdings and other assets including cash held on behalf of customers.
4. Responsible sourcing
A provider must source gold of high integrity from trustworthy suppliers, whilst considering Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.
5. Regulatory compliance
A provider must adhere to all applicable regulations and local laws.
6. Commercial prudence
A provider must not take excessive risks and should be prepared for various eventualities, including a company wind-down.
7. Operational professionalism
A provider must conduct their business with due skill, care and diligence, and manage key risks.

Learn to invest in gold with the Goldex Academy.

Access our dedicated vault of expert-backed content for everything you need to know to begin your gold investing journey.
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  • Education for all levels of experience: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Enhance your knowledge & learn how to successfully invest in physical gol
  • Easy to read, digestible content - no white papers here

Invest big or small. Our terms are simple.Here are our fees.

  • You don’t need to be a millionaire to buy gold. Start small. Stay cautious. Or be bolder. It’s up to you. At Goldex, there’s no minimum investment.

  • We have one simple trading commission (for buys and sells): 0.75%. Our smart trading technology works seamlessly to bring you savings on the gold price.

  • World-class vaulting and insurance come at a small cost: 0.02% per month (with a £3.75 minimum). Nothing’s more important than keeping your gold safe.

  • We charge a small processing fee of £5 for every withdrawal, which is applied as a fixed fee and not a percentage of your total redeemed funds.

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