“We have built a different company from its foundations, one that is ethical and always puts clients' interests first.”

About us

We founded Goldex with an ambitious vision: to help you preserve your wealth by building a gold provider like no other. One that is ethical, always creates value and is accessible to all.

We soon realised that we had to build a different company from its foundations and divert from what, we think, are unfair industry practices. Becoming the first gold provider that doesn’t own gold was a challenge but we knew this was the only way towards always putting your interests first.

Our vast experience in algorithmic trading allowed us to be able to build a complex infrastructure that, whilst easy to use, not only added instant cash value to your investment but would conveniently give you access to it and in the real economy.

Although we are still a young company, we have a clear understanding of the features and products that will set us apart from others and that will make Goldex the preferred choice when investing in physical gold.

With your support, we will continue to innovate and spearhead a technological revolution in precious metals ownership.

Welcome to Goldex.

Meet the team

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    Sylvia Carrasco
    Founder & CEO

    Being a woman in FinTech is rare but Sylvia is keen on challenging the status quo. As the CEO of Goldex Sylvia heads the Board of Directors and provides the leadership required to drive the company’s success. Over an 18 year career in investment banking, Sylvia has managed teams, negotiated global commercial deals and been responsible for delivering distribution strategies at Credit Suisse and Man Financial. Always thinking out of the box, in 2008 she successfully founded the first FCA regulated firm to provide execution trading services to institutional global houses. In her spare time, Sylvia is likely to be seen either fishing or playing with her two dogs.

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    Fernando Ripolles
    Founder & COO

    Finding product and operational solutions are Fernando’s main responsibilities as the COO of Goldex. This is by no means an easy task as pioneers don’t have templates to imitate, but Fernando doesn’t need one. During his 15 years of professional career at Bloomberg, UBS and Nomura, Fernando was involved in the explosion and expansion of electronic trading, from its humble reporting origins to its current day algorithmic complexities. Always keen in exploring new opportunities, Fernando co-founded a social media network company before coming back to his trading roots. He is the proud father of three children that have been taught that Real Madrid is the only team to carry in your heart.

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    Julian Turnbull
    Founder & CLCO

    Julian is an entrepreneur at heart, sitting at various start-up boards. At Goldex he puts his sense of legal thoroughness into action, just the same as the rest of his over-22-years-legal advisor career. As well as a lawyer, he is an economist, so that is why he likes diving into businesses: he has co-founded Macrae & Co, a leading boutique London based law firm where he has managed and represented high profile corporate and personal accounts, both national and international. He is currently a senior partner at Shakespeare Martineau, a top 50 legal firm in the UK where he specialises in Private Equity deals, Corporate Governance, KYC and AML diligences. Beyond law, he loves hanging out with his children and playing football.

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    Lorena Suarez
    Operations Analyst

    Managing data, applying models and testing solutions for customers’ satisfaction are part of Lorena’s daily work. As an Operations Analyst she helps Goldex develop decision support systems and decide on practical action. She has worked in the back office and operations department of EDP Energy and in a major high street retail holding group, where she had client-facing commercial responsibilities. Having a degree in Economics and Business Management, Lorena is fond of emotional and neuro-marketing techniques applied to digital business models. Outside Fintech, she loves tennis and relaxing on the beach. Her dream is to live by the sea when she grows old.

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    Cristobal Ramirez

    Every day, time and again, Cristobal puts himself in his customers' shoes. With over 10 years of experience in the digital space, the CMO of Goldex has an in-depth knowledge of customer-centric strategies, both for advertising agencies and companies. From brand positioning methodologies and growth techniques to large-scale digital campaigns, Cristobal's goal is to make Goldex a desired brand. He is a lecturer at various Spanish institutions and has international experience in omnichannel marketing, product rollouts and digital transformation projects for enterprises such as BBVA, El Pais, NH Hotels and Airbnb. When not in the office you can find him reading whodunit stories, unwinding with films or enjoying live indie music.

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    Chris Price

    Coding is part of his life at Goldex where he is committed to deliver organisational efficiency through technology. For the last 14 years he has been designing and implementing complex web and IT infrastructure solutions as the founder of Cranmore Consulting, one of the most renowned independent software development companies in the UK. Besides this and being an on-going senior consultant at BT, he is an active supporter of the entrepreneur community in Northern Ireland. In fact, he is setting up a mega co-working office for FinTech start-ups in Belfast. On the weekends, he is either calmly fishing or riding his bike.

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    Deepak Kasthwal
    Financial Advisor

    Deepak’s daily work covers planning, operations and strategy within the financial purview. He holds vast expertise in sustainably growing Tech start-ups and public organisations: his background includes scaling up one of the world’s most valuable e-commerce companies and Uber’s biggest rival in India, Ola. Deepak is also a founding team member of Cleartrip, one of the most prominent travel agencies in India and the Middle East, where he designed and managed its overall financial operations. During his entrepreneurial journey Deepak has worked closely with several leading Venture Capital and Private Equity funds. In his free time you will find him enjoying outdoor activities such as camping and mountain biking.

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    Gaël de Boissard
    Strategy Board Advisor

    Gaël loves growing new ventures that want to reinvent the world of finance. With a career spanning 26 years at JP Morgan and Credit Suisse as a prominent investment banker, he now focusses on investments in market disruptive Fintech companies. He has recently retired from Credit Suisse AG, where he was Global Head of Fixed Income, Head of Investment Banking and Member of the Executive Board. Gael's thrill seeking hobbies include skiing and mountaineering. As a holder of a commercial pilot license, you might also see him cruising the skies.

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    Craig James
    Payments Board Advisor

    Bringing regulation practices down to earth has been Craig’s main professional goal. For this reason he founded Neopay, a notorious London based compliance and Anti Money Laundering consultancy firm in the prepaid, e-money and financial services sector. His 15 years of experience come handy when helping with payment and regulatory risk solutions. Craig has been named one of the “Top 10 Most Influential People in the Payments Industry” by PayExpo for three years in a row and is the current Chairman of the Prepaid International Forum. He is a piston-head at heart, restoring racing cars in his spare time.

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