The first marketplace for gold investments.

Our journey to change the world of gold investing

At Goldex, our ambitious vision is to reinvent gold ownership and create the first physical gold marketplace powered by smart trading technology, with values of transparency, fairness, and choice at its core.

Some years ago, we saw first-hand how the gold market operated. While the precious metal has maintained its integrity throughout the ages, it’s still an unregulated asset class, meaning that market conditions have not always been fair for gold investors in terms of transparency and pricing. Finding the best deal was often cumbersome, frustrating, and hard.

And we saw an opportunity to change that.

Goldex is the smartest way to buy gold. We’ve created the first gold marketplace to find the best prices for our customers. There’s no need to shop around, spend time comparing dealers or try to make sense of an array of quotes, quantities and even different gold quality bars. Our smart order router takes care of it all: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when the markets are closed.

While we might look like a gold dealer, we are not one.  We are a pure tech company, an agent acting for our clients, always unbiased and neutral.  We don’t make money from trading our own stock, because we simply don’t own any.

Changing the gold market means creating a level playing field, with real competition. It means improving transparency to grow the market. It means implementing a solid best execution policy, for the first time. But most  importantly and above all, it means bringing fairness to the gold market with an innovative business model and cutting edge technology.

We are a team of pioneers in financial technology and we are proud to have played a fundamental role in bringing innovation to some of London’s leading financial institutions. We have done it before with other asset classes and we are doing it again. We are passionate about changing the world of gold investing for the better and for all.

Welcome to Goldex. Join the rush.

Meet the team

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    Sylvia Carrasco
    Founder & CEO

    As a woman in FinTech, which is a rarity, Sylvia is keen on challenging the status quo. She’s the founder and CEO of Goldex. With over 18 years of experience in investment banking and brokerage, Sylvia was part of the original team at Credit Suisse that developed the first electronic trading and algorithmic systems in the equity markets. Always thinking out of the box and due to the changes brought by MiFID I, in 2009 she successfully founded the first FCA regulated firm in the UK to advise the largest institutional investment houses in both electronic trading services and Best Execution policies across multi-asset classes.  In her spare time, Sylvia is likely to be seen either fishing or playing with her two dogs.

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    Fernando Ripolles
    Founder & COO

    Finding product and operational solutions are Fernando’s main responsibilities as the COO of Goldex. This is by no means an easy task as pioneers don’t have templates to imitate, but Fernando doesn’t need one. During his 15 years of professional career at Bloomberg, UBS and Nomura, Fernando was involved in the explosion and expansion of electronic trading, from its humble reporting origins to its current day algorithmic complexities. Always keen in exploring new opportunities, Fernando co-founded a social media network company before coming back to his trading roots. He is the proud father of three children that have been taught that Real Madrid is the only team to carry in your heart.

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    Julian Turnbull
    Founder & CLCO

    Julian is an entrepreneur at heart, sitting at various start-up boards. At Goldex he applies his legal thoroughness, just the same as the rest of his over-22-years-legal advisor career. He’s an economist and a lawyer, so that’s why he enjoys diving into businesses: he has co-founded Macrae & Co, a leading boutique law firm based in London where he has managed and represented high profile corporate and personal accounts, both national and international. He’s currently a senior partner at Shakespeare Martineau, a top 50 legal firm in the UK where he specialises in Private Equity deals, Corporate Governance, KYC and AML diligences. Beyond the law, he loves hanging out with his children and playing football.

  • team-photo
    Florian Miciu

    Florian is an award winning senior technology executive with 20+ years of experience in transforming technologies to establish a competitive market advantage. Over the last three decades he has managed IT teams across the globe in both well-established trading firms and Tier 1 investment banks (Credit Suisse, Tradeweb, Goldman Sachs), as well as in successful disruptors (Chi-X Europe). A veteran of algorithmic trading since its inception, he has been recognized for his abilities to create leading edge technology solutions in ultra-low-latency environments, across several asset classes. When not riding the latest wave of trading innovation, Florian loves spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking or scuba diving.

  • team-photo
    Lee Cox
    Head of Operations

    Lee has over 20 years industry experience across front, middle and back offices in Tier1 investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds, where he has held various senior roles managing large operations teams. During his career at UBS, Schroders, Man, GLG and Barclays, Lee has gathered an extensive product knowledge in cash equities, fixed income, OTC, derivatives, CFDs, FX, unit trusts and cash flow processing. He believes operational efficiencies should be driven by client feedback and improvements to user experience. According to Lee travelling makes the world a better place – but besides travel his real passion is football, and not surprisingly “football is life” his mantra.

  • team-photo
    Nathan Graham
    Head of Client Relations

    Nathan’s mission is to ensure that each client is provided with the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to customer experience. As head of client relations he oversees the company’s interactions with current and potential users, focussing on engagement, retention and growth. During his years of experience at a global derivatives brokerage house, where he built and managed an international portfolio of clients, Nathan gained a deep insight into retail trading and market behaviour. Outside of his professional career, Nathan has a passion for the martial arts and has spent over two decades training and teaching Karate – a discipline in which he has competed at national and international level.

  • team-photo
    Ben Watts
    Head of Content

    The guardian of all branded content, Ben has over 5 years of experience writing for Fintech companies where his main focus is to create powerful and compelling copy across all channels of online and digital media. Having written extensively on the financial markets, he knows how to deliver persuasive, direct messaging to enhance both the customer journey and brand exposition. He’s passionate about crafting unique content and views marketing as the perfect blend of art and science. He studied English Literature at the University of East Anglia and has a first-class diploma in Creative Writing from the same institution. An avid reader and a Newcastle United fan, Ben secretly dreams of selling a script to Hollywood.

  • team-photo
    Patrick Balarkas
    Lead UX/Design

    Patrick has over 6 years of visual communications experience and has spent much of his career working both full-time and freelance across several FinTech startups. He specialises in the development of b2c visual communication, which comes as second nature to him. Overseeing the brand development, user experience and interface design, Patrick ensures that Goldex executes best practice design solutions by producing a frictionless experience for all clients, ultimately with the aim of providing a seamless gold investing journey for both beginners and seasoned investors. When Patrick isn’t applying his UX skills to the Goldex brand, you can find him climbing around in any one of Cambridge or London’s bouldering centres.

  • team-photo
    Hiren Chandaria
    India Business Head

    Hiren is a thought leader in Investment with more than 15 years experience in commodity investing, Product Development and Leading Business Verticals. He has demonstrated a consistent track record for innovation and pioneering industry-firsts, like the Gold Saving fund at Reliance Mutual Fund and a new Gold Trading Contract at NCDEX. Having witnessed multiple boom-bust cycles, he’s successfully lead 3 major intrapreneur ventures from conceptualisation to implementation. He’s also managed a $500 million commodity fund and started the agricultural lending business for a leading NBFC. He loves Indian vegetarian food and likes to play games from chess to golf. He’s married to an artist and has a six-year-old son, who is equally passionate about food.

  • team-photo
    Gaël de Boissard
    Member of the Board

    Gaël loves growing new ventures that want to reinvent the world of finance. With a career spanning 26 years at JP Morgan and Credit Suisse as a prominent investment banker, he now focusses on investments in market disruptive Fintech companies. He has recently retired from Credit Suisse AG, where he was Global Head of Fixed Income, Head of Investment Banking and Member of the Executive Board. Gael’s thrill seeking hobbies include skiing and mountaineering. As a holder of a commercial pilot license, you might also see him cruising the skies.

  • team-photo
    Craig James
    Member of the Board

    Bringing regulation practices down to earth has been Craig’s main professional goal. For this reason he founded Neopay, a notorious London based compliance and Anti Money Laundering consultancy firm in the prepaid, e-money and financial services sector. His 15 years of experience come handy when helping with payment and regulatory risk solutions. Craig has been named one of the “Top 10 Most Influential People in the Payments Industry” by PayExpo for three years in a row and is the current Chairman of the Prepaid International Forum. He is a piston-head at heart, restoring racing cars in his spare time.

  • team-photo
    Richard Balarkas
    Board Advisor

    Richard is an award winning industry veteran who has been in the vanguard of developments in market structure and electronic trading for over 30 years. He has held senior sales and business management roles at the London Stock Exchange, BZW, Instinet and Credit Suisse where he built and ran its global #1 ranked electronic trading business. He is a board member of CBOE Europe, Saxo Capital Markets Ltd, Chairman of SquareBook, advisor to the board of Compliance Solutions Strategies, and a Director of FIX Protocol. When not fixing financial services he can usually be found fixing his house, or otherwise fixing his boat and trying not to add to his wife’s collection of near-disaster sailing stories.

  • team-photo
    Henry Ritchotte
    Board Advisor

    With over 20 years’ experience at Deutsche Bank, Henry created the blueprint for the German giant’s greenfield digital challenger bank, aiming to create extraordinary customer experience through intelligent use of technology, data and mobile devices. Henry was responsible over various periods for Group Strategy, Technology, Operations, Corporate Services, Corporate Security, Business Continuity, Information Security and the Bank’s global digital transformation agenda. He served as the Chief Operating Officer from 2012 to 2015, and has also worked for Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch. He uses that depth of knowledge to seed financial services start ups, with a strong focus on disruptive regulatory and technology-driven business models. When he’s not creating – or tearing up – blueprints, Henry offsets his love of food and a good craft beer with long-distance running.

Please reach out to if you are as excited as we are and want to join our growing team in London.

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