“Gold is an important anchor in the global financial system – anyone should be able to easily invest in gold and use it as currency”

About us

Goldex was founded in 2014 with a vision to create a gold bullion provider like no other.

Following long and successful careers at major London investment banks and pioneering the late 1990s electronic trading revolution, the founders of Goldex set out to exploit a unique opportunity: bringing physical gold ownership into the 21st Century.

Gold trading remains opaque and old fashioned so we started developing the most advanced and sophisticated trading platform in the gold bullion market. Two years after our project began, we are proud to offer our clients the first smart trading engine that brings “best execution”* to the world of physical gold investment.

In an era where payments have undergone a paradigm shift, we want to reinstate gold’s lost role as a currency by offering immediate and instant access to its value in the real economy. With that in mind, we engineered and introduce the first true gold-linked payment card that does not require cash pre-loads.

With your support, we will continue to innovate and spearhead a technological revolution in precious metals ownership.

Welcome to Goldex.

* “Best execution”: according to EU legislation it refers to the duty of an investment services firm to obtain the best execution price possible when dealing with customers’ orders. It includes the opportunity to get a better price than what is currently quoted and the likelihood and speed of execution. (Wikipedia).

Meet the team

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    Sylvia Carrasco
    Founder & CEO

    Sylvia has over 15 years experience in selling electronic trading services to financial institutions. She has managed teams, negotiated global commercial deals and has been responsible for delivering distribution strategies at Credit Suisse and Man Financial. Nine years ago and still successfully in operation, she founded the first FCA regulated firm providing execution advice and consultancy services to global institutional trading houses and their clients.

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    Fernando Ripolles
    Founder & COO

    Fernando has had an extensive 15-year career in global tier 1 financial institutions including Bloomberg, UBS Investment Bank and Nomura.  He has pioneered the development of electronic trading and witnessed its explosion, from simple electronic reporting to smart order routing and complex algorithmic low latency strategies.  He earned his entrepreneurship credentials as a co-founder of a content marketing social network and is an investor at a leading digital marketing agency in Spain.

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    Julian Turnbull
    Founder & CLCO

    Julian gathers over 22 years of experience as a legal advisor.  He was a founding partner of Macrae & Co, a leading boutique London based law firm where he managed and represented high profile corporate and personal accounts, both national and international.  Currently he is a senior partner at Shakespeare Martineau, a top 50 legal firm in the UK where he specialises in Private Equity deals, Corporate Governance, KYC and AML diligences. Julian is an entrepreneur at heart, sitting at various start-up boards.

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    Chris Price
    Partner & CTO

    Chris has been designing and implementing complex web development and IT infrastructure solutions for over 14 years. He is the founder and current managing partner at Cranmore Consulting, one of the most renowned independent development agencies in the UK, working with some of the UK and Ireland’s top communications and software companies. Chris is an on-going senior consultant at BT and is an active supporter of the broader entrepreneur community in Northern Ireland.

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    Lorena Suarez
    Operations Analyst

    Lorena has worked in the back office and operations departments of EDP Energy as well as in a major high street retail holding where she had client face commercial responsibilities.  She has a degree in Economics and Business Management with special interest in emotional and neuro-marketing applied to e-commerce business models.

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    Johan Palmberg
    Head of Research

    An economist with 15 years experience as an investment research analyst, Johan has mainly focused in quantitative and qualitative analysis of precious metals. A well-known analyst among the investment community, he has hold senior research positions at the World Gold Council and the World Platinum Investment Council.

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    Jason Grant
    Head of Product UX

    Considered one of the top UX designers in Europe, Jason is an experienced multi-award winning UX Designer and Design Thinking coach. His extensive list of clients include: Disney, HSBC, ROLI, American Express, eBay, Lloyds Group, EON, Bupa, PepsiCo, Microsoft, British Central Government, MTV, EON Energy …

  • team-photo
    Gaël de Boissard
    Strategy Board Advisor

    A prominent investment banker, Gaël has a career spanning 26 years at JP Morgan and Credit Suisse.  He recently retired from Credit Suisse as global head of Fixed Income, CEO of Credit Suisse Securities, Head of Investment Banking and Member of the Executive Board of Credit Suisse AG. Gaël is also a seasoned private investor and a commercial pilot.

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    Maria Hancock
    Financial Board Advisor

    Maria has a 15-year career in investment banking having worked as a Managing Director in Risk Management, Asset Mamagement and Retirement Products in JP Morgan, AIG and Deutsche Bank, both in Frankfurt and Wall Street. She is a very active angel investor in financial services companies; a member of various US investment networks and is a keen supporter of women entrepreneurs.

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    Craig James
    Payments Board Advisor

    With over 15 years of experience in the e-money and prepaid anti-money laundering and financial services compliance, Craig is the founder and CEO of Neopay, a well-known London compliance and AML consultancy.  He is the current Chairman of the Prepaid International Forum.  For the third consecutive year, PayExpo has named him as one of the “Top 10 most influential people in the payments industry”.

Please reach out to talent@goldexcard.com if you are as excited as we are and want to join our growing team either in London or Madrid.

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