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Goldex Team

Editorial content

Gold has been a symbol of wealth for many centuries. In the past, we only knew gold as a physical asset and people have invested in physical gold for many years. Today, we have the option of buying gold online.

How does it work? Both are good ways to invest your money. Which option is the best? These are some of the questions that you might be asking yourself. Let’s get started.

The traditional way

Investing in physical gold requires skills and patience. Let’s say you went out and bought gold from a retailer. The crucial question to ask yourself at that moment is: Where shall I keep my treasure? Do you have a big safe at home? Will you keep it in a safe deposit box at the bank?

Physical gold is highly vulnerable to theft. When you store your gold at home or anywhere you have quick access to it, it is highly vulnerable to disaster and theft.

This is one of the reasons why you should not do it the traditional way. The best alternative is to find a safe place to store your gold which is easily accessible to you anywhere anytime.

The new way

buying gold online versus physical gold

Today, we can buy physical gold via online businesses very easily. How? An organisation such as Goldex offers physical gold and stores it for you. Why should you buy physical gold from Goldex?

Convenience – Goldex can be described with one word. You can find the gold you want today without leaving home. You can also do your research about the organization and gold prices at lightning speed.

Pricing – Goldex offers better prices than physical retailers. Why? Goldex does not own gold, therefore prices are not manipulated at any moment. The organisation routes all the orders to the world’s biggest peer-to-peer market in 5 locations (London, Zurich, New York, Toronto and Singapore), thereby offering fair prices and the best deals in the market.

Security – Investing in physical gold online is very safe. You do not have to worry about damages or theft. You are assured that your gold is protected and will be handled with great care. Your gold is held in trust and in your name, stored in secured brinks or loomis international vaults and fully insured by Lloyds of London. Goldex is among the online retailers that is transparent in its operations. Its app has been built by cybersecurity experts and complies with the industry laws. Choosing an accountable, transparent and reputable provider is key.

Bottom line, buying physical gold online is much safer today than buying physical gold at the local retailer. If you store it at home, it can be easily stolen or damaged. Goldex protects your gold and ensures you get the fairest prices in the market while complying with the law.