We’re fixing the gold industry.

Goldex solves many of the gold industry’s problems. Now, you can easily offer your customers the best option for allocated physical gold investments and help them preserve their wealth.

Best prices on physical gold.

The Goldex marketplace finds the best prices on all buys and sells. Our routing is designed to buy gold from one dealer but sell it to another if their price is better.

We offer best execution.

Hence, dealing in a unregulated asset class should be no impediment. Our business model intrinsically puts your customers’ interests first and delivers a best-execution policy.

B2B specialisation.

Our founders revolutionised trading in other asset classes. Now, we have applied the same principles when building our gold marketplace and offering an integration to FinTechs.

Liquidity is not a problem.

Connect to our multi-dealer hub and you won’t have to rely on a single supplier. We offer the most effective way to mitigate the liquidity risks posed by relying on a single dealer and the price spikes they cause.

Simple and efficient operations.

Our marketplace offers 99.5% LBMA-approved gold bars and supports multiple currencies with flexible order sizes down to the penny, all with a single settlement rulebook. Operational simplicity is key for all businesses.

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We’ve built our scalable and secure platform with performance and ease of integration in mind. The platform achieves 99.9% uptime thanks to a highly available, cloud based, microservice architecture.


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