Why choose gold over other precious metals

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Precious metals have had a significant impact on the UK’s economy. They are prized for their beauty, rarity and ability to store and retain value over time. The UK’s economy might rise and fall every year, but precious metals always endure. Therefore, many people choose to invest in precious metals because they are considered a “borderless currency.” They are secure assets that can be accessed at any time.

There are four types of metals that are highly valued in the UK. They include gold, silver, platinum and rare coins. These precious metals have stabilised many economies around the world.


Gold never loses its value. Egyptians loved gold as much as we do today. King Charles II was rich and powerful because he had more gold than any other citizen in the land. In Roman times, an ounce of gold would buy a fine suit of armour.

Today, a designer suit costs the same as an ounce of gold. Since the value of gold has stayed consistent in relation to the periods for thousands of years, it is an excellent investment. It is wise to invest heavily in gold today. Economists in the UK predict that gold will be highly valuable in fifty years to come. The metal has always been a good hedge and has protected many investors during economic recessions.


As early as 700 B.C., Mesopotamians used silver as a form of exchange. Many economies today have also acknowledged the value of silver as a trading commodity. The British recognize its intrinsic value which makes it popular among precious metals as a reasonable investment. Silver is tradable in the form of bars and coins.


Platinum is estimated to be fifteen times rarer than gold and it is the hardest of the precious metals. In the 19th century, it was the preferred metal for fine jewellery in Britain and America. Why is platinum highly valuable than gold? It has more industrial uses than gold or silver. It is mainly used as a catalytic converter in the crude oil sector. Platinum is in higher demand today than any other precious metal in the UK. If you can afford it, then buy it now!

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Rare Coins

For many years in the UK, coin collecting has been popular not only as an interesting and engaging activity, but also as a sound investment. The British are known for choosing rare coins that increase the value of their collection. In most cases, the rarer a coin is, the higher the demand and its value. Some of the factors that determine their value in the UK include historical relevance, demand and condition. Rare coins are an excellent investment to the people who find gold, silver and platinum expensive to own.

Rush for gold!

Gold, as an investment, has been respected as a safe store of wealth for thousands of years. It’s always been the best long-term way to protect wealth for you (and your kids). It has historically held its value over time, through wars and other crises. And unlike digital assets, it can’t be erased or hacked.

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