Do I own physical gold?

In short, yes, you absolutely own physical gold when you buy it through Goldex.


All gold in the Goldex marketplace is LBMA, responsibly sourced 999.5 investment grade, fully allocated and insured – and kept at world-class reputable professional vaults such as Brinks, Loomis International and Malca-Amit. Only dealers that vault gold in reputable jurisdictions such as London, Zurich, New York, Toronto and Singapore are able to participate in the marketplace.


The physical gold you buy through Goldex is 100% your legal outright property. Most importantly, the gold is held in trust on your behalf – Goldex doesn’t own a single gram of gold, and it never touches our balance sheet. The security of your gold is our first priority so we designed our operations in such a way that your gold will always be ring-fenced against any creditors, in the unlikely event that we or our providers file for bankruptcy; something that’s clearly defined in our terms and conditions as a legal commitment to every single one of our users.


Once a purchase transaction is complete, the relevant amount of gold is allocated to you instantly. You are provided with a ‘order confirmation ticket’ in the Goldex app which confirms the amount of gold you own and the location. You can also request a statement within the app (in Settings) at any time for a real-time picture of your holdings and transactions, and you will also be able to see both your cash and gold positions in the “MyAccount” screen together with the relevant book value performance of your investment.