Trade recommendations

Our trade recommendations are provided by CPM Group, who issue them to Goldex in the UK, Royal Capital in Hong Kong, as well as via the Kitco CPM Trade Signals program.


Published on a weekly basis, the trade recommendations are designed to keep you informed of market movement and are typically one of three directions:

  1. Buy
  2. Sell
  3. Hold/Stand aside

Each trade recommendation comes with the following:

  1. A timestamp (the time the recommendation was published)
  2. A direction (buy, sell or hold)
  3. A target price (which can be a specific price or a range)
  4. A timeframe (which can be a specific date or a range)

They are usually accompanied by a short commentary explaining the rationale behind the recommendation, but discretion is advised around 50 cents (US) or 1 penny (GBP). Please note that gold is measured in ounces vs the dollar, while it is measured in grams vs the pound sterling.


Our trade recommendations are designed to help to make you informed trading decisions, but we encourage you to use them as part of your overall investment strategies and not as the sole deciding factor.


When reading the trade recommendations, please bear in mind the following:

Important Disclaimer
Past performance is no indication or guarantee of anticipated future profits and neither Goldex nor CPM can accept any liability or responsibility for any loss suffered as a result of gold price fluctuations. Gold as a commodity is not a specified investment for the purpose of giving advice under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Therefore this trade recommendation does not give rise to rights to claim compensation under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. CPM is a registered CTA with the U.S. NFA and CFTC. At times the principals and associates of CPM may have positions in the precious metals, commodity and equities markets. CPM also manages investment and industrial positions in markets for its clients.