Bank transfers

Using a bank transfer:

Bank transfer is the quickest way to fund and buy gold with Goldex. You can transfer funds from a bank account in your own name into Goldex with no limits to the amount you transfer. Please note we only permit you to nominate one bank account for depositing funds and receiving funds.


You may change your nominated bank account by contacting


If the bank account from which funds are transferred is not in your name, we will be obliged to return the funds to the account from which payment was received.

  • Go to ‘Add Funds’ in app
  • Select Bank Transfer as the deposit method
  • A dedicated bank account is then generated for you automatically
  • Please add Goldex as a beneficiary to your bank account using these details
  • Make your deposit. Bank transfers typically clear the same day


How long do bank transfers take?

How long a bank transfer takes depends on your bank. Funds usually clear on the same day depending on KYC checks.


When making a bank transfer what reference should I use?

Every customer at Goldex receives a unique bank account with an account number and sort code to reference your personal bank account. Keep in mind that your bank may impose transfer fees.