Debit card deposits

Using a debit card:

Debit card is a convenient way to fund your account and buy gold with Goldex. The debit card that you use must be in your own name. We only permit you to nominate one debit card for depositing funds.


You may change your nominated debit card by contacting If the debit card from which funds are paid in is not in your name, we will reject your payment and return it to the source.


To load you must have a bank debit card in your name with you and can add up to a maximum £2,000 per day. Debit card transfers take up to one day to clear into your account.


  1. Open the Goldex app and tap Add Funds
  2. Next, set up your debit card by inputting your details
  3. Once you set up your debit card, there’s no need to do it again. You will be able to add funds directly from the app confirming the amount that you want to deposit into your account.
  4. As soon as you finish, you will receive a notification acknowledging your credit card deposit and amount which will appear under “Cash Balance” usually early afternoon the following day, weekends excluded.
  5. Get in touch with Support with any questions or concerns.


How long do debit card payments take?

Depending on your bank, funds usually clear on the next day depending on KYC checks


What debit/credit cards does Goldex accept?

We accept debit cards from all UK banks, but cannot accept credit cards at the moment. We know that our customers would like us to add more ways to deposit funds into their account. Please contact Customer Support at if you have any concerns.