Goldex partners with CPM Group to help retail investors

Goldex Team

Editorial content

Goldex has partnered with CPM Group, leading commodities and financial consultancy firm that provides independent and up-to-date short-term trade recommendations on our website and in-app. By following them, our clients can be fully informed of gold market trends and act upon them in order to better invest in gold.

CPM Group has followed Goldex’s development and has advised the company.

Additionally, it is providing short-term Trade Recommendations: Buy, Sell, Stand Aside on physical gold at no cost to the investors via the blog and in-app. CPM Group has provided these recommendations for institutional and high net worth individual investors since their days at Goldman Sachs and prior to the creation of CPM in 1986. Now they are making them available to retail investors who see gold as both an investment to buy and sell, as well as a long-term store of value and portfolio and wealth diversifier.

“CPM Group has been engaged in a number of initiatives around the world designed to help investors better use gold for profitable investments and trades,” Managing Partner Jeffrey M. Christian said. “We are discussing ways to make our shorter term investment recommendations available to investors in Europe, North America, China, India, throughout the Islamic world, and the rest of the world”, he explained. “One of the first stages of these initiatives is making these buy and sell recommendations available via Goldex. We find that investors who successfully invest in and trade gold tend to buy more gold than investors who merely buy and hold gold against some yet-to-occur financial apocalypse.”

Goldex provides retail investors with competitive gold prices and all the information needed for the full life cycle of gold investment such as market news, trade recommendations and charts.

Goldex is the first gold provider operating as an agency, not owing its own gold. This model not only makes Goldex un-conflicted and aligned with its customers’ interests but also brings “best execution” practices to a market where investors do not benefit from the fairness and transparency that regulators impose in all other investment asset classes.

Goldex is crystal clear about gold prices, costs and performance. The app’s smart trading algorithms not only connect users with the world’s biggest gold markets but they identify the most optimal location and market combination at any given time for each trade. This results in average savings of 8% – 12% on gold purchases and sells.

Goldex agrees with CPM that gold is great for storing wealth on the long-term, however also acknowledges the importance of making it instantly liquid. Sylvia Carrasco, CEO of Goldex, said: “The current gold establishment is pretty old-fashioned. With Goldex we are completely reinventing the way gold is being purchased and sold. We are making it fair and transparent for people who want to own gold. Whilst our app is easy to use, our business model and revolutionary technology ensure that our customers always get the best trading deals.”

Carrasco continued: “We see a huge opportunity for gold as an asset. Through Goldex we aim to be the leading provider of liquidity and purchasing power in physical gold outside the traditional banking system whilst making it fun, innovative and transparent to trade.”