How to buy and sell gold from the comfort of home

Goldex Team

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Buying and selling physical gold from a local retailer has not always been easy for many people. Why? You may ask. Firstly, it’s expensive. Buying and selling gold using the Goldex app, on the other hand, is inexpensive.

The app’s smart technology aggregates prices from gold markets, in a selection of international vaults, and delivers the best available deals to customers. We don’t own a single ounce of gold whereas the local jeweller is more motivated to fix the price based upon demand. Secondly, it’s time-consuming mainly because you will have to locate the best store to buy and sell gold. Buying and selling gold from our app saves time because you can do it anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home.

Another expense for people comes with storing gold at home, which is a risky proposition, opening up the possibility of theft. Goldex protects your physical gold by storing and insuring it in vaults putting you in control of your investments. Your investment is always protected at Goldex.

Over the last ten years, the market for second-hand gold has grown in popularity, but the vast majority of people struggle with understanding how to buy and sell gold.  We often ask ourselves: how can I buy and sell gold safely? Understanding the value of gold along with simple tips on how to buy and sell gold safely is crucial for success.

Understanding the value

The price of gold is driven, as with all commodities, by supply and demand. The main thing to keep in mind when selling gold is understanding the value of your gold investment against current market prices.

Understanding the value will help you in spotting companies that offer the best gold prices such as Goldex. You will buy and sell gold and ultimately expect to make a healthy profit.

How to buy and sell gold from the comfort of your home

Selling gold safely

It’s important to thoroughly research any company you’re considering before buying gold. Get to know all of the company details, including location and trading names. Check out online reviews from previous users with mature profiles – someone who has used the services of the company over a long period of time. Buying and selling gold from innovative companies such as Goldex will open up new ways for you to buy, sell and store your physical gold, possibly protecting your wealth.

Selling gold safely with Goldex

Available in the UK App Stores, Goldex ensures you are in control of the entire buying and selling process. We offer a secure, reliable, transparent and trustworthy way to invest in gold. Goldex is the first gold provider with smart technology that aggregates the best prices and offers instant savings of 8-12% when you buy gold.  We help our customers make wiser investment decisions through in-app articles, charts and trade recommendations. You get to buy the asset of simple, 999.5% pure gold. Selling your gold through our international marketplace is a good option to consider.



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