How to use the Goldex app in 7 easy steps

Goldex Team

Editorial content

Goldex puts your interests first. As the first ethical gold provider that doesn’t own gold, Goldex doesn’t need to manipulate or inflate prices. This is why the Goldex app was created. It has been simplified to make it easily accessible and fun to use, either if you are a pro investor or a newbie. Here are the steps to use the app:

1. Download the app. The Goldex app, which is free, can be easily found and downloaded in the UK iPhone and Android app stores. Quick and convenient.

2. Register an account. The registering process is easy and the app will guide you through it. If you go through Register Lite flow, you need to leave basic details, set a password and a security question and choose a pin number. If you decide to go ahead and deposit money in order to trade, you will have to go through the Register Full flow by completing and confirming some personal details.

3. Deposit funds. For you to start trading, you need to have money in your account. You can transfer money from your bank account to your Goldex account or you can use your Debit Card. Then, feed the amount of money you wish to deposit and, due to regulatory requirements, Goldex will verify your electronic identity and the source of your funds.

4. Understand how the market works. The app provides an exchange view of bids and offers for the world’s biggest peer-to-peer market in 5 locations (London, Zurich, Toronto, New York and Singapore). You can also:

–  monitor the markets in real-time, how they move and the spreads.

– be informed with Goldex unbiased gold related news from nearly 300 sources and short-term trade recommendations provided by CPM Group.

– access charts where you can see the evolution of the price of gold in different currencies and different periods of time.

– set an alert when the gold price hits your expected target.

5. Start trading. When you see your Cash position, you are ready to trade gold. You, at all times, initiate trades. Goldex never trades in its own behalf, but always on behalf of its clients.

With the Goldex app there is no minimum investment required. You will be able to send Smart buys – whereby Goldex automatically selects the market (or combination of markets) that result in the most amount of gold for your orders. Similarly, you will be able to send Smart sells – whereby Goldex will send the order to the market (or combination of markets) that will result in the most amount of cash for your orders.

Additionally, you can send Manual orders, whereby you select the market you want to Buy or Sell from. Manual orders also allow you to select a Limit price. If the relevant market prices move within the specified Limit price, the order will be executed. You can cancel these orders at any time.

6. Tap into your activity. The activity section notifies you of the activities you engage in every day. Full transparency: Goldex has no hidden charges. The app immediately shows execution price and commission details. You can track all your activity, past executed orders and open Limit orders. You will also be able to see all your cash movements (funds deposited, funds redeemed, promotional credits and vaulting charges). Finally, you can manage price alerts from here too.

7. Ask for support if need be. You can always access a Support centre, where you can read a whole section of searchable FAQs and submit support tickets to the Goldex team. Remember: Goldex is your coach when it comes to gold investments.