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Press Release announcement published by Acies Ventures on June 3rd 2019
Acies Consulting completes its strategic investment in a UK-based P2P smart trading app for physical gold


Acies Ventures

A division of Acies Consulting, has invested in Goldex Technologies Limited which is the first smart trading mobile-based app that powers ethical pricing for buying and selling physical gold.

The strategic partnership by Acies Consulting was led by Muzammil Patel (Managing Director and Head – Strategy) and Rahul Murthi (Executive Director and Head – Acies Ventures).

Rahul Murthi says: “We found that Goldex has an immaculate leadership team, technology and thought process to revolutionize the way gold investments are made. It furthers the goal of market transparency and market infrastructure creation. Acies Ventures is focused on making investments that can help revolutionize market infrastructure.”

Others who participated in this recent funding round with Goldex of GBP 1.2 million include prominent angel investors, VCs, and players in the financial services and the metals and mining space.

The proceeds have been used to enhance the Goldex app (launched in the UK in July 2018) and gold card offerings, increase its B2B business proposition and expand its business across other geographies. Goldex sees India as a key growth market and is in the process of aligning its technology with the needs of the market.

Sylvia Carrasco (CEO – Goldex Technologies Ltd.): “We are already in conversations towards our Series A round early next year. We are excited to be able to continue with our journey and vision to become the consolidated marketplace where gold investors always get the best deals.”


About Goldex Technologies Limited

The Company was founded by former electronic trading pioneers from Credit Suisse and UBS, Sylvia Carrasco and Fernando Ripolles who saw an opportunity to remove barriers to retail gold trading and address unfair practices in the gold investment markets.

Dubbed the ‘Skyscanner of the gold trading world’, Goldex is reinventing gold ownership by applying smart trading technology to always discover the best price amongst all the gold dealers offering bids and offers within the Goldex platform. This innovative and unbiased business model, together with the fact that Goldex does not own any gold of its own removes all conflicts of interest, always guaranteeing that investors receive the most amount of gold for their money. To know more about Goldex Technologies Limited, visit

While you’re here, did you know FinTechs can now offer allocated physical gold?

Unlock the world of allocated physical gold for your customers with Goldex. Through an easy API or FIX integration with the Goldex marketplace, your customers can buy and sell physical gold in a matter of weeks. Find out more about Goldex for Business.

About Acies Consulting

Acies Consulting is a fast-growing technology centric consulting firm. The firm is headquartered in Mumbai (India) and has offices in Gurugram (India) and Singapore – and plans to open more offices in the Middle East and APAC regions this year. Acies Consulting partners with clients, technology pioneers and the broader ecosystem to challenge traditional business models.

Acies Ventures, a division of Acies Consulting, undertakes strategic investments, alliances and partnerships through equity and other instruments to help strengthen market infrastructure, mutualization and transparency in the market-place.

The firm plans to enter into several such strategic investments in promising companies in the technology and financial services space having a unique business model driven by highly driven and laser-focused entrepreneurs that seek to make a difference in the global financial services and technology marketplace. To know more about Acies Consulting, visit


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