Goldex is the first gold retail platform in the world to embrace the World Gold Council’s 7 Retail Gold Investment Principles.

How we comply with the 7 Retail Gold Investment Principles.

Not only do these principles help customers identify the best providers and increase their confidence when investing in gold, they represent the very essence of our business here at Goldex, namely the provision of a transparent, secure, ethical and safe marketplace for investors at all levels.​
1. Fairness and integrity
A provider must treat customers fairly and act with integrity, from information and service provision through to transaction completion.

Goldex provides the first global marketplace delivering best execution and instant and fair pricing for physical gold. We’re a tech company with a unique approach to gold investments; we act as your agent, not a gold trader. Clients get access to multiple providers via a single platform, with proprietary smart technology acting as an ethical price discovery mechanism.

2. Transparency
A provider must be transparent about prices and key terms and disclose other material information related to product features.

Our entire business structure and service has always been developed with the client in mind. We publish our fees and all our trade confirmations include the commission paid per transaction whether you buy or sell gold. We also pride ourselves on providing up-to-date gold price information, together with accessible FAQs and user guidance. Goldex acts as a neutral price finder and therefore never generates profits from price spreads.

3. Protection of client assets
A provider must ensure adequate protection of customers’ gold holdings and other assets including cash held on behalf of customers.

All gold bought through Goldex is held in trust and in your name. Your gold is stored in world class, secured vaults and fully insured. Every gram is ring-fenced against any creditors, in the unlikely event that we or our providers go out of business. And, of course, any cash deposits are held in separate bank accounts, never mixed with company funds. Read our article about how Goldex protects its clients assets.

4. Responsible sourcing
A provider must source gold of high integrity from trustworthy suppliers, whilst considering Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.

All gold bought through Goldex is responsibly sourced and approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). We only offer the highest purity, 999.5 investment-grade gold. We voluntarily commit to take into account social and environmental considerations when managing our relationships with our suppliers. We verify our gold suppliers via a stringent KYC regime.

5. Regulatory compliance
A provider must adhere to all applicable regulations and local laws.

We are a company (registered number 09249940) incorporated in England and Wales via Companies House which is an executive agency of the UK Government. We abide to the strict HMRC anti-money laundering laws, regulations and all UK company laws. As well as using the PCI DDS standards, we also have the highest level of secured messaging encryption and a rigorous process which includes the strongest anti-fraud features and monitoring measures.

6. Commercial prudence
A provider must not take excessive risks and should be prepared for various eventualities, including a company wind-down.

Goldex does not own any gold or operate any gold accounts whatsoever which means we take zero risks on any gold positions. We do not undertake any gold trades or investments of our own. This mitigates both the risk of Goldex going into administration and any threat to client assets. We also maintain appropriate management risk systems and controls at all times.

7. Operational professionalism
A provider must conduct their business with due skill, care and diligence, and manage key risks.

Behind Goldex lies a team of pioneers in Fintech innovation, with outstanding reputations at London’s leading financial institutions. We abide to the FCA principles of good regulation. More info can be found here.